Cheap Flights to Seattle, WA

Seattle, WA - The gateway to the Pacific Northwest is home to miles of recreation, metropolitan shopping, gourmet cuisine, and wonderfully temperate weather. Access to major nearby cities such as Vancouver, BC, Bellingham, Washington, and Portland, Oregon, make finding airfare deals that fit your needs a big advantage.

For cheap flights from the Midwest, or through the Midwest, little known startup, SkyBus, offers incredibly discounted fares from Columbus, Ohio, with access to cities up and down the east and west coast. The biggest caveat? The flights fly in to Bellingham, roughly 2 hours north of Seattle. However, depending on your originating city, this could save you $200 or more.

As always, watch for deals through for the best pricing on popular airlines which fly in to Seatac, Seattle/Tacoma's International Airport, such as Northwest Airlines, and United. Discounters includes Southwest Airlines and Frontier Airlines, and you'll have no problem finding room on Alaska Airlines, who makes it's home base in the Emerald City.

If you're feeling adventurous or travel-some, pick one of Seattle's nearby metropolitan cities, Vancouver, BC, or Portland, Oregon. Both cities are surrounded by beautiful scenery and unique culture. Whichever the route, you'll always find the best deals on

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