These are some of the additional charges, taxes and fees that may be added to the cost of an airline ticket depending on your final itinerary, as well as the airline, agency or reservation site you choose.

Passenger Facility Charges: Federal Law permits U.S. Airports to collect up to $4.50 each time you depart from their facility. A maximum of four such charges are allowed for each itinerary, so it is possible to see a maximum of $18 in PFC costs. Most Airports charge only $3.00

Federal Segment Fee: Federal law requires a $3.20 tax on each flight between U.S. airports. A segment is defined as a takeoff and a landing. This is in addition to the standard 7.5% Federal excise tax applied to all published U.S. fares.

September 11 Security Tax: Federal law requires a $2.50 tax on each flight between U.S. airports up to a maximum of $5.00 one way or $10 round trip.

Alaska/Hawaii Travel Facilities Tax: Federal law allows a tax up to $14 round trip for domestic flights taking off or arriving in Alaska and Hawaii.

International taxes: Travel from the U.S. to international destinations, including Canada and Mexico, can result in taxes up to $200 or more, based on the cost of the ticket or special services/taxes required for entering or leaving a foreign country. Travelers arriving in the U.S. are subject to a $1.45 agricultural inspection fee, $6.00 Customs fee and $5.00 immigration fee.

Airline Ticketing Fees: Airlines no longer cover the cost of having their tickets issued by second party issuers such as independent internet airline reservation sites or local travel agencies. These costs are covered by a separate amount applied at the time of ticketing ranging from $5 to $40+, depending on the second party issuer. For each ticket issued through the Internet Air Fares link to the Worldspan Reservation system this fee is only $20 and is quoted before you buy.

Administrative Change Fees: Airlines may charge up to $100 if you need to change the return date/time on a restricted domestic U.S. ticket issued after January 28, 2001. For restricted domestic U.S. tickets issued before January 28, 2001 the change fee may be up to $75.00 For changes to the return portion of a restricted international ticket, the Airline Administrative change fee may be $100 for travel to Canada, Mexico, South America and the Caribbean, or $150 for travel to Europe and Asia.

AMERICAN, CONTINENTAL, DELTA, NORTHWEST and USAIRWAYS non-refundable tickets must be flow as ticketed. Tickets not used or changed on/before the departure date are invalid and have no value. Administrative change fees/requirements differ by airline and changes must be made directly with the carrier.

For a totally unused non-refundable ticket on most other airlines you are permitted to apply the value of the ticket to future travel on their airline under the same passenger name and under the same general conditions presented above, less the Administrative fee. Within one year, Internet Air Fares can process these exchanges. After one year the passenger is generally required to take the old ticket directly to the issuing airline for exchange. On some international tickets the Administrative Change Fee is waived if the new ticket fare is as little as 1 cent higher than the original ticket.