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Internet Air Fares uses a fast way to find the lowest air fare to meet your circumstances, from 21-day excursion fares, to last minute departures, to first class at coach fare.
We call them "Benchmark" fares -- the lowest ones in each category of travel. Use these fares as a benchmark in comparing the "convenience" of other airlines with higher fares.
With each benchmark fare we give ticketing deadlines, blackouts and other restrictions that may affect your decision.
You may want to first check the "BIG FARE CUT" index daily to see if airfares from your departure city have fallen substantially (more than 20%) since the last reporting period. If your departure city is listed, click on its name to read the list of destinations where fare cuts have occured.
Alternately, from the city map on the main page, click on your nearest departure city to check the best air fare for your travel requirements, then compare fares on other airlines for convenience. Remember, cheap is seldom convenient. Convenient is seldom cheap.
The fare report for each city divides airline fares into either Non-refundable or Refundable round trip fares. Within each division, fares are organized according to the advance purchase requirements. Most, but not all, Non-refundable fares currently may be changed for an airline imposed fee of $100.00. If there is a deadline for purchasing a given fare, it is noted in the header, for example as Ticket By 05APR. Keep in mind that airlines can withdraw an air fare at any time.
If there are any blackout dates (dates on which the fare does not apply), or requirements to complete travel by a specific date, these are displayed for example as:
From time to time airlines will offer conditional fares which require two or more people to travel together on the same flights. These will be shown in the heading as LOWEST COMPANION FARE. Some fares are good only for the weekend and these are shown with the header of LOWEST WEEKEND FARE.
The actual fare line will show the code of the Airline and the class of service for which the fare applies (e.g. DL-K/AA-Q), which means Delta in "K" class and American in "Q" class. If you are unsure of the airline code, review the list at the top of the fare page or ask your travel agent. The displayed fare amount includes current federal taxes, but does not include additional airport fees, federal surcharges (determined by how many airports your itinerary includes), or airline ticketing fees.
Following the fare amount is pertinent data on key restrictions, such as advance purchase requirements, minimum length of stay, permitted days and times of travel, etc. For simplicity, days of the week are abbreviated MON, TUE, WED, etc. Travel is permitted between the days of the week when a "-" separates them (e.g. MON-THU means travel is permitted Monday through Thursday. Days of the week separated by a slash "/" mean that travel is permitted only on those specific days (e.g. MON/WED/FRI)
Internet Air Fares does not try to be all-inclusive in describing fare rules. You will find only the major rule provisions that have the greatest impact on travel decisions and costs.
From time to time, a new fare will appear before we have programmed in all of the major fare restrictions. In this case the airline code, class of service and fare amount will be presented, but you will need to ask your travel agent for pertinent restrictions.
If you have additional questions, please e-mail your questions to us via our highlighted location at the end of our home page.

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Major U.S. Airline Codes
AAAmerican COContinental
DLDelta HPAmerica West
NWNorthwest TWTWA
UA United USU.S. Air

Some Key Regional Airline Codes
3MGulfstream C8Chicago Express
N5Nations Air F9Frontier
FFTower Air JIMidway
KPKiwi QQ Reno Air
TZAmerican Trans Air WVAirsouth
YXMidwest Express

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