Internet Air Fares surveys the Worldspan Reservation System each business day for published air fares provided by the Airline Tariff Publishing Co. ATPCO is the principal supplier of air fare information to the major airline reservation systems. Internet Air Fares does not create air fare data.

Be aware that not all airlines choose to participate fully in the major airline reservation systems and their fares are not included in our listing even though they may, in fact, have a lower fare than seen here. Please call these airlines directly for fare quotes.

The listed air fares are ranked from the least expensive (lowest) to most expensive (highest) between the two listed cities and evaluated as to their major characterisics. We designate the least expensive fare (lowest) in each category as a benchmark fare and place this fare on our list.

The "LOWEST FARE" is the least expensive fare posted on Worldspan for travel between the listed cities. Likewise the "2ND LOWEST FARE" is the next least expensive fare, and so on through the "LOWEST 7-DAY ADVANCE", "LOWEST REFUNDABLE FARE", "LOWEST REGULAR FIRST CLASS", etc.

It is possible to obtain lower overall fares with multiple connections through cities where highly competitive routes exist. From time to time airlines will post fares good only for a few specific days out of the year, usually around holiday periods. We will flag the existence of these fares and provide a range of costs and travel dates, but will not include them in our listings.

Internet Air Fares claims no proprietary access to any fares listed here, nor makes any offer to provide such a fare. Airlines reserve the right to withdraw a fare at any time and/or to impose a quota on the number of seats they will sell at a specific fare and under specific conditions for each of their flights. Once that fare is withdrawn or the quota is filled, the next highest fare applies.

Because these are published fares they may be obtained from your local travel agent or directly from the airlines as long as they are available. For your convenience we provide a link directly to the Worldspan Reservation system where travel arrangements may be made according to your needs.

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